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5 Ways Recruiters Can Help Your Job Search

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Searching for a new job can be an overwhelming experience. Especially if you’re going at it alone. Using a recruiter can not only save time, but they can also support you through the job search process.

Here are 5 reasons why you would benefit from reaching out to recruiters at the start of your job search:

1. Save time

A good recruitment consultant can help speed up your job search process. They have a lot of direct connections which means you have quicker access to more job opportunities and you can get your foot in the door early. It also helps to have another pair of eyes searching jobs for you, and playing matchmaker is what recruitment consultants do best!

2. Early insight into the quality of your CV

Recruiters have a lot of experience recruiting for job roles exactly like yours. They also know exactly what skills and companies are looking for, so they can tell you straight away if your CV is up to scratch and what you would need to change to fit the role you are trying to apply for.

3. Access to more job opportunities

Recruiters have a lot of connections and know a lot of people in your industry. So by using a recruiter you immediately widen your network and increase your potential job opportunities.
Many larger companies only use recruitment agencies, which means there’s a whole load of jobs that aren’t getting publicly advertised. You wouldn’t know about these jobs or be able to apply to them without going through a recruiter.

There’s likely already several opportunities for job roles that match your requirements that they can immediately put you forward for, but if not, your recruiter will keep an eye on the market for you and let you know when any suitable positions come up.

4. They’ll support you through the process

Recruitment consultants have insider knowledge of what the company is looking for so they can help guide you in the right direction. Your recruiter can reach out to the hiring manager to receive feedback on your behalf, without casting a negative impression upon you.

A recruitment consultant can also help save the awkward salary conversation and negotiate on your behalf. They will push to get you the best deal possible, with the highest salary and better benefits.

5. They can find the best match for you

Recruiters usually specialise in a specific industry and they know what skills their clients are looking for. An industry specialist recruiter will have niche industry knowledge and a strong understanding of the required skills, qualifications and experience that a candidate needs to succeed for a particular role. This means they know which jobs would be a good fit for you and they’ll be focused on putting you forward for jobs that they know you would thrive in!

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