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How To Land A Job In A New City

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Relocating and changing jobs is a big decision to make, so it’s normal to feel a little uncertain.

Here are 8 things to consider to help make the process a whole lot easier!

1. Why do you want to move?

Think about why it is you want to relocate to a new city. Every prospective employer will ask you why you’re moving, so make sure you can tell your story in a positive and optimistic light.

2. Update your CV and cover letter

You don’t have to go into massive detail, but briefly explain in your CV and cover letter that you’re planning to relocate, this way hiring managers won’t get confused as to why you don’t live in the area and think you’ve made a mistake in applying for the job.

3. Consider the cost of living in your new city

Before getting too deep into your job search, it’s important to consider the average salaries and cost of living in your new chosen city. Think about how this compares to your current situation and bare this in mind when applying for jobs and searching for accommodation. Numbeo.com allows you to check out the cost of living in your desired location.

4. Search and apply for jobs in your desired city

Once you’ve updated your CV to reflect your new direction, it’s time to start searching for your dream role! LinkedIn is a great place to search for new job opportunities based on location. Alternatively, you can click here to search our jobs in Digital & Tech.

5. Utilise recruitment agencies

Reach out to recruitment agencies that are based in your new city and ask them to keep you updated if any relevant jobs come up. This will help take some of the pressure off having to do all the searching yourself.

6. Be prepared to travel for interviews

Train tickets, flights and hotels will cost you, but it’s cheaper and easier to secure the job first than have the stress of moving before you have a job lined up and not knowing when your next paycheck will be.

If you’ve got several interviews secured, try and arrange them on the same day to save on travel expenses and having to take time off work. If the new city is far away, ask the interviewer if you can do a phone or skype interview to check you’re a good match before you travel to meet them in person.

7. Explain your situation to the interviewer

During your interview, make sure you communicate to the hiring manager that you don’t currently live in the area, but you are relocating and that you’re really excited to move to the city to progress your career. 

Be as flexible as you can. Employers are likely to favour local candidates, as it makes things a lot less complicated if they are already living and working in the area. That’s not to say they won’t consider you, you just need to be open and honest about what you can and can’t do.

8. Be clear on your start dates

There’s a lot to think about when moving to a new city. So if you get offered a job, make sure you’re clear about your start date and allow yourself enough time to find accommodation and get settled before you’re expected to be at work. You want to make a good impression at your new job, you don’t want to start off stressed and unfocused.

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