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How to Prepare For a Video Interview

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you’ve probably found yourself stuck at home, which can definitely complicate matters when it comes to trying to find a job! As remote working has come into play, face-to-face interviews have now been replaced by video interviews, which you might not be so familiar with.

Luckily, we’ve created this guide to teach you everything you need to know to ace your video interview! Here’s what you need to do to prepare:

Video Setup


Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are all commonly used for video conferences. Make sure you know what software you’ll be using so you can download and set up any new applications before the interview. It’s also best to test the software and do a quick practice run to check everything works smoothly beforehand. You don’t want any technical issues right before the interview! 


Interviewing someone that is sat in a dark room can be very off-putting, so good lighting is very important! Natural light is your best bet, so try and set up your video call so you’ll be sat in front of a window, with the light shining onto your face. If the window is behind you it will be dark and shadowy and hard for the interviewer to see you. Artificial lighting can work as well, just test a few options beforehand to make sure you have a well-lit picture. 


It will look unprofessional if you’re interviewer can see clutter in the background, so ensure your surroundings are as clean as tidy as possible. You could also consider sitting in front of a wall so you will be the focal point of the video.


Think about any background noises that might occur whilst you are on your video call. If you’re working from home, it’s best to turn off any noisy appliances that might be heard, like a dishwasher or washing machine.

If you have other people in the house, let them know you’ll be on a video call and so they are mindful not to create too much background noise during this time. If possible, keep children and pets away during the interview, but if you’re in a small space it might be best to make your interviewer aware of your circumstances beforehand.

Microphone and Camera

Your laptop or chosen device will most likely have a built-in camera and microphone, but if you’re using external equipment, it’s best to test this and make sure everything works smoothly beforehand.

Try and arrange your setup so the camera will be at eye level. If you’re using a laptop, you might place it on some stacked books to raise it slightly.


Interview Prep

When it comes to preparing for your video interview, treat it like any other interview.

Practise Your Answers

Demonstrating originality and what makes you unique throughout the interview is a great way to stand out from the crowd and really sell your personality, not just your skills. Read more on How To Be Original With Job Interview Answers.

Research The Company

Properly researching a new potential employer before your next job interview could give you a huge advantage over other candidates who just turn up thinking their skills are enough to carry them to success. Doing your homework will show that you have a genuine interest in working for the company and really want the role. Here’s How To Research A Company For A Job Interview.

Prepare Questions

Don’t be afraid to have your questions written down and get them out during the interview, it shows you came prepared! Preparing some specific questions based on information that you found about the company on their website or social media can also be a great way to show you’ve prepared for the interview and you’re interested in the position. Here are 7 Questions To Ask During A Job Interview.

Be Prepared

Have any documents you need to hand, such as your CV or portfolio, make sure your phone is on silent and dress appropriately for the interview. Obviously you won’t be expected to wear a full suit on a video call, but still dress smart and look presentable.


During The Video Interview

Eye Contact

Important to maintain eye contact during an interview, but this is more difficult to do on a video call. When you’re speaking to someone on a video conference, you naturally want to focus on their face, however, on a video call your screen will most likely be below your own camera so it appears on camera as though you are looking down or away. To avoid this, make sure you look up at the camera regularly throughout the conversation.

Be Friendly

Although you aren’t meeting face-to-face, you can still make sure you are friendly and enthusiastic. Smile! Greet your interviewer by name, thank them for meeting with you, and talk as if you were there in person.

Body Language 

You need to show the interviewer that you’re happy to be talking to them and that you are interested in the opportunity, so positive body language is key. Remember to sit up straight! You can also gesture with your hands when speaking to show enthusiasm.

Stay Calm

It’s normal to be nervous before an interview, but try and stay calm and act confident. Smile, pay attention and avoid any nervous habits such as finger biting, fidgeting, finger tapping and leg bouncing – it will still show on camera!


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