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Peter Davis, CEO of new start up Postie let us know what it really takes to be an effective marketer in 2017

As you all know, Digital Gurus love learning about the coolest and latest tech startups launching in the Australian market. We are lucky enough to have worked with some amazing businesses and help some of the sharpest entrepreneurial minds within digital.

Gillian Kane, our APAC founder recently caught up with Peter Davis, the CEO of Astronaut Lab who told us all about his exciting new venture and brain child; Postie, as well as his thoughts on what it takes to be a truly effective marketer in 2017!

So Pete, tell me about Postie…

I ran a digital marketing agency for 7 years and saw how brands of all sizes struggle with putting the time and effort into building email marketing campaigns. For so many people, it’s the to-do list item that keeps on getting bumped back even though, it can be the biggest referrer of e-commerce traffic for the brands who use it.

Postie is a tool that helps brands of all sizes to build email marketing campaigns really quickly using their Instagram content. We pull your most engaging content into our template, you jump in and spend 10/15 mins playing with image order, links and captions and we send it out. We’re finding that users who were spending 5 or 6 hours on creating campaigns with other providers are spending 15 mins per campaign with Postie.

Who would benefit from using Postie?

Really anyone with an email database of any size.

For small and medium e-commerce brands it’s hard to justify spending the hours on creating each email campaign that may only be reaching a few hundred or thousand people. Postie campaigns are really effective and will only take you 15 mins per campaign.

For non-e-commerce brands, it can be difficult to find an excuse to email their database. Postie campaigns are really low touch for the end user, we’re not saying ‘ read this 1,000-word blog post. The idea of saying to customers ‘here’s our highlights from Instagram’ is working really well in terms of open rate, and then because the content is so strong, we’re driving a click-through rate that’s higher than their usual campaigns.

For the bigger e-commerce brands, Instagram highlight emails really work, and many of them are creating them manually. These brands can run Postie in parallel to their current email activity.

What do you think makes an effective digital marketer nowadays?

There’s a great deal of requirements now to be able to tick boxes as a digital marketer, and then, on top of these, you have to use your gut and your judgment to refine and perfect your campaigns.

What I mean by this is that you not only need to know the ins and outs of the core consumer channels; social, social ads, PPC, display network, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, but also employ the tools and/or people to help you manage this, and then jump in and make calls about what the people, tools, and data tell you.

One thing we found with Postie is that we thought that many users would just turn Postie and then let the algorithm dictate the content. But this happens so rarely. Marketers need to exercise their gut and judgment to review and refine their campaigns, and that’s true across so many facets of their wider role.

Data tells you almost everything, but marketers gotta market!

What do you think the future of digital marketing is?

More of this. More tools to do the grunt work and more requirement for good marketers to get creative to really drive the outcomes. Tools can A/B test and tell you a lot, but it’s the creative execution that truly gives the outcome.

What do you think is missing?

Well, that’s the big question that startups and entrepreneurs are trying to answer! For me, it’s all about solving time and efficiency problems. What are you spending hours on now that you could be spending minutes on?

What trends have you seen in the space within the last 12 months?

In many ways the ecosystem is narrowing, Facebook and Instagram are doing everything they can to take Snapchat out of the equation. Their audience penetration and the fact that they’ve shown that they’re not ashamed to copy great features will mean they can do this to anyone new that comes into ‘their world’.

Obviously, their reach algorithm pushes more people towards their suite of paid options, and they’ll become the norm. There’s no free-kick anymore and it’s going to be very interesting to see how the users roll with this.

Product-wise, tools will pop up to solve problems and will need to keep on rolling with the punches that get thrown at them. Instagress had tens of thousands of users and huge revenues until Instagram effectively shut them down in the last few weeks.

What are the best marketing tools you have used?

The best tools should be the ones that create the highest ROI, which is sales and time. Here’s 4 I like:

Postie of course!

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to market their product or service?

Learn from others around you. Join LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, subreddits. There’s a lot of people out there who have gone before you who are willing to share their experience, and you can learn a lot from lurking and asking the odd question!

How important is data?

Data should be everything, but really data is only good as the time you spend understanding it and reviewing it. Good, useful data doesn’t come with a heavy time requirement it to be managed. Good data is also nothing without good creative.

But with good creative and the right balance of time and interest to understand it, data is hugely useful and will be the difference for many brands between winning and losing.

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