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Rebecca’s amazing 18 months at DG and why you should join her!

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Are you looking to work in a highly competitive, KPI driven environment? Do you love ‘Top Biller Lunches’ paid for by your hard-earned billings? How about a commission structure so confusing you won’t know you’re being massively ripped off? Throw in some early mornings and late nights and I reckon we have a deal?

The story is the same, yet old school recruitment companies like the above manage to keep attracting talent… however retaining it, is another question.

For me, it’s been an amazing 18 months here at Digital Gurus. Not only has working here reinstated my respect for the industry, but I can truly say that working here, you truly are put first by the leaders.

When I first arrived in Sydney I worked for a company that I really didn’t gel with culturally, (don’t try looking, they’re not on my LinkedIn). Their company values, business framework and ethics did not align with how I believed recruitment should be and I remember thinking on my first day at DG “If this doesn’t work out, I am never doing recruitment again”.

So, convinced was I that the industry itself was tarnished, tainted by Boiler Room wannabees and Wolves of Wall Street who wanted to tear you down at every opportunity, that I was prepared to be told how many calls I needed to make, CVs out and clients visits I had to attend weekly to hit my targets. That first day, when I was welcomed by a big hug from my Regional Director, I knew this place was different.

There’s something to be said for an all-female office; a nurturing, supportive environment of people who really get each other. A room full of experience, and the most amazing knowledge of their respective areas of specialism.

With a cute little space in Surry Hills, and two little office dogs, DG are growing from strength to strength. Each consultant has a very clear path set out for them which is tailored made for their own personal growth.

Our amazing Regional Director is not your standard ex-recruiter turned drill sergeant. She really knows her stuff, dare I say it, she is a “subject matter expert” and has spent countless hours walking me through my area bringing my knowledge up to speed until I could confidently chat to a client & candidate with ease across both Performance Marketing & CRM. I was entrusted to do things my way, in my style, and had her at hand whenever I needed assurance about something. 

But down to brass tax, we’ve heard the sell before – until you meet us, you won’t believe the dynamic we have here, or how we all bill over 100k quarters on the reg (I haven’t dropped below 100k in a full year now) – what do I make eh? What’s the real price on a desk here at DG?

I can confidently say this is the most straightforward and generous commission structure I have been a part of, or heard of. If you are knocking back 100k quarters, let’s just say you’ll have a house deposit in Sydney in 18 months – as long as you stop buying those Smashed-Avo-on-toasts. This company isn’t about the greed. You bill it, you get a fair share of it.

But to be billing that, I must be working all hours under the sun, right? Wrong again, amigo! We work smart, and hard. Be reactive, knowledgeable and smart in your BD and your head-hunting, and we can teach you all our little tricks to do that; it really is amazing how many referrals you get when you just do a good job.

We don’t go for fancy lunches every month, we don’t rent big boats and take our top billers out on the harbour every quarter and we don’t offer you incentives to win money or goods – in fact, DG takes the money you bill and gives it back to you with a fair commission structure. Breathe it in; a fair commission structure! But if you’d rather go to Café Sydney and have a bar tab, then I can reel off some names for you to go apply to.

I’ll tell you what we do enjoy; nights away together in Air BnBs around Sydney where you can bring your partner, (or dog if you prefer) and really feel like part of the family, global incentive holidays, a supportive and collaborative environment of driven and super intelligent colleagues and a structure that supports individuality and expression. And we have an absolute ball of a time doing it.

And now the time has come, we are looking to grow and add to our wonderful team – if you are interested in positions here at Digital Gurus, we have spots open on the Tech & Sales, Marketing and Creative desks. We are looking at all levels and just want to see that passion, hunger and drive to love your job and build something amazing.

Get in touch with a stand out cover letter (we don’t need to know how much you’ve billed – we need to know about you) and let’s get this show on the road!

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