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5 Tips For Kickstarting Your Career Change

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You want to change careers, but you’re no longer a fresh graduate and it feels like it’s too late to make that leap into the industry you’re passionate about.

Good news though! There are just a few simple steps we think you need to take to kickstart your career change:

1. Network

Regardless of what stage you’re at in your current career, it’s always possible to make connections with people in your chosen industry.

Whether it’s at seminars, online or through a friend of a friend, every connection you make can help you get your foot in the door, supplying you with the necessary knowledge and advice you need to make that important transition.

2. Identify your transferrable skills

If you’ve found success in your current job, that will be due to some very essential skills you have picked up along the way.

A lot of these skills may crossover with the career you want. Use that to your advantage.

3. Develop new skills

You’re going to find there are some gaps between your current job and the career you want to have. But this isn’t as big an obstacle as it might seem.

Taking courses, building up theoretical knowledge and attending workshops are all ways to fill in those skill gaps.

4. Log your experience in a portfolio

In order to prove to employers that you’re serious about this new career path, you need to show them some concrete experience. Personal projects or additional tasks in your current workplace could serve as portfolio content for your future career.

Anything you can add will serve to your advantage! Companies will take notice of the precious time you’ve dedicated to adding to your skillset.

5. Update your CV

While your CV will outline your work history and skillset, you can adapt it to show that you’re looking to move into your chosen career path. Show your passion! Talk about the skills you’ve gained and all the work you’ve done to make this career move.

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