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How To Answer: “What Is Your Weakness?”

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No one enjoys talking about their weaknesses, but you might need to at your next job interview!

How do you turn your answer from a purely negative point into a positive response when answering the dreaded question: “What is your weakness?”

Knowing your weaknesses = knowing your strengths

First of all, remember that no one is perfect! We all have weaknesses, but you can turn yours into a strength, by taking this opportunity to show that you’re actually aware of yours.

Being aware of your weaknesses shows that you know where you can improve, and ultimately, that you know what your strengths are (which we’re sure you have many more of!)

Prepare an example

You can take the sting out of having to talk about your weaknesses by preparing an example before your interview.

Have a think about a previous weakness or particular failure and explain how you learned from it.

If in the past you were easily distracted, you could say: “I struggled to stay focused on one task at a time. Now I spend 10 minutes every morning planning my day, so I have a list of actions to complete and know what I need to be working on.”

Also, be sure to stick to workplace weaknesses. Your interviewer is only interested in your ability to overcome work-related issues; they don’t care about the time you drank too much at your sister’s wedding!

Avoid these ‘weaknesses’

“I’m a perfectionist”
“I work too hard”

Your interviewer has heard these before and you’ll only risk coming across as arrogant.

They’re not trying to catch you out

It might feel like your interviewer is trying to catch you out and find a reason not to hire you, but all they really want is for you to explain that you’re flexible, resilient and have enough self-awareness to evaluate your own performance and improve when they hire you!

Be yourself

By all means – prepare your response, but don’t over-rehearse a reply or literally script yourself. It will come off as calculated and insincere. Just be yourself!

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