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10 Ways to Prepare For Your New Job

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So you have a brilliant CV and LinkedIn profile, you got a recruiter’s attention, you were invited to a job interview, you aced it and you got that job offer! Congratulations!

Now comes your final step of preparation – getting ready for your new job! Preparing for your new position is just as important as it was preparing for the job interview. Your new job can either be the start of something great or a series of repetitive days, counting down to the weekend.

Make sure it’s not the latter by following these 10 tips:

1. Do your research

During the interviewing process you should have already researched the company and found out about how the place works. The next step is to be more specific to your new role. Find out who you will be working with specifically and research them on social media. Think about why you were hired and prepare to face those issues.

2. Prove yourself

Getting hired means the company decided they believe you can do the job. Now it’s time to show them they were right! Think of the first few weeks as an extended interview. Rather than getting too comfortable and focusing on fitting in, ensure you don’t take your new job for granted. Show up every day working hard and prove you deserve to be there.

3. Go the extra mile

When you start a new job, you often don’t have all the experience, connections, or skills you need. After all, starting a new job is about getting a new challenge! So the key is to be focused and work hard. A strong work ethic can easily make up for any lack of skills or experience – as long as it’s clear you’re trying your best.

4. Become a real asset to the company

Being seen as someone who works hard is a great start. The next step is to work hard for something specific! Everyone has a special knack for something, whether it’s being particularly creative, good at taking charge, especially resourceful, etc. Make this work for you and become a real asset to your company and your co-workers.

5 . Work with your manager, not just for them

The idea is simple but the implications can be powerful. Of course you have to do what your manager asks of you but that shouldn’t be your only objective. Your manager has things that need doing and you’re meant to help them get those things done. If you make it your mission to help achieve their goals, you will become more highly valued. Plus, getting work done is infinitely more fun and rewarding if you’re helping someone rather than just complying with their requests.

6 . Help your colleagues

While being new often means you will need help yourself, it’s also a good idea to offer your help to your co-workers early. Whether you see someone struggle or know a large project just launched, volunteer to help out. Just ensure you still get the work done you were hired for!

7 . Learn from the high flyers

After a while at a company you will realise who the top performers are. Study them and establish what they do differently – and, more so, what they do better. Mimic their actions to get yourself up to their level.

8. Think ahead

What comes next? It’s a question that will help you establish how you can be an asset for future projects. Think about any skills and connections you can gain that will help you get ahead.

9. Be proactive

You’re expected to do well when it comes to the tasks and projects you’re assigned. To stand out you need to be proactive, take charge, and sometimes take risks. Do you have an idea for a new project that could help your company? If it won’t cause any harm or cost the company much money, give it a go! As long as there’s nothing to lose and something to gain, it’s a risk worth taking. It will show you are hands-on and may just lead to your next promotion.

10. Remember why you were hired

Everyone has personal career goals – whether it’s making new connections or learning new skills. What’s important is to keep in mind is the goals of the company that hired you. By ensuring you work towards both goals simultaneously, you will become a valued asset and progress alongside your company. It’s a win-win situation!

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