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8 Ways To Prepare For A Job Interview

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Do you dread job interviews? You are not alone!

It’s no secret that job interviews can be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry – many people feel the same! The key is to be prepared, so here are 8 tips to help you feel more at ease next time you walk into a job interview.

1. Research the company

This should be a given, but don’t walk into a job interview not knowing the fundamental basics about the company. Head to the website, read the “About Us” section, read their blog/news, check out their social media channels. Find out the company history, their services, and their structure. The more you know when you walk into the interview, the more confident you will feel and that will show.

2. Research the people

In the age of LinkedIn and Twitter, there’s a lot you can find out about people before you even meet them. Check the profiles of your interviewer – you may just find an icebreaker, whether that be a company you both worked for or a personal interest you share. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even contact current employees of the company and ask them about their experience. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

3. Look at the clothes

Many companies and employees share pictures of people at the office. Take a close look and see what type of clothes they’re wearing. Subconsciously, the interviewer will be picturing you at the office so you’ll have an advantage if you come to the interview dressed like you already belong there.

4. Know your professional background

Having to check your CV before being able to answer a question about when you worked somewhere or what you did there doesn’t give a good impression. If you have a lot of experience, be sure to study some of the dates and information so you know your own background when you get asked about it.

5. Prepare questions

Many candidates dread the moment… “So, do you have any questions for me?” – Being prepared for this part of the interview can help calm your nerves and really impress the interviewer. Not sure what to ask? Check out our blog on Questions to ask during a job interview.

6. Be yourself

This may sounds cheesy but it’s actually important. Nerves can make candidates come across a bit robotic so be sure to let your human side show. Don’t hide what you’re thinking – it’s okay to smile and to take a moment to think before answering.

7. Relax

Job interviews can be a bit awkward. It can feel like a first date – you know you are being evaluated by the interviewer and want them to see you from your best side. Many people get nervous because of this and act differently because of their nerves. Try to relax and take a deep breath before you walk in to the interview to make sure you make the right first impression.

8. Be confident

You got the job interview – not everyone does! Walk into the interview with your head high and the knowledge that the company already deems you qualified enough to be at interview stage.

The above doesn’t guarantee you get the job, but being prepared means you will do your best and that’s all you can do. No matter how many interviews you do, you learn from each of them. So even if you don’t end up getting the job, it’s not the end of the world! Make sure to do your best and use your experiences for future job interviews. (See: You didn’t get the job – what’s next?)

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