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This simple CV and Job Interview advice could land you a job at Google

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In a recent interview with Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations for Google, the New York Times discussed “How to Get a Job at Google”. The interview was published in two parts, with the first part giving insights into “the five hiring attributes” that Google as a company looks for in their employees: learning ability, leadership, humility, ownership, and expertise. While this article gave some interesting insights into what’s expected of potential candidate at Google and other tech companies alike, the second part gave some great advice on CV writing and job interviews that we found were definitely worth sharing!

When it comes to writing a CV that stands out from the crowd, Bock says it’s all about the details.

“The key (…) is to frame your strengths as: ‘I accomplished X, relative to Y, by doing Z.’ Most people would write a résumé like this: ‘Wrote editorials for The New York Times.’ Better would be to say: ‘Had 50 op-eds published compared to average of 6 by most op-ed [writers] as a result of providing deep insight into the following area for three years.’ Most people don’t put the right content on their résumés.”

Giving that amount of detail in your CV will give recruiters and hiring managers alike a much better idea of your experience and capabilities. By putting into perspective what you achieved compared to others within your company, you will be able to show how you much of an impact you really had.

Details are important at job interviews too, but context is even more important.

“What you want to do is say: ‘Here’s the attribute I’m going to demonstrate; here’s the story demonstrating it; here’s how that story demonstrated that attribute.’ ” And here is how it can create value. “Most people in an interview don’t make explicit their thought process behind how or why they did something and, even if they are able to come up with a compelling story, they are unable to explain their thought process.”

Explaining in a job interview not only what you did, but giving context of how and why you did your tasks will give your potential employer an idea of why it’s worth bringing you on board. Don’t just tell the interviewer about your responsibilities but explain the impact your work had at your last company and show how this influence can be translated to the new company, whether it’s Google or not!

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