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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Jobs

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Long gone are the days when you stayed with the same company for most of your life. Especially within digital, changing jobs can be the best way to progress your career. But how do you know whether the time to move on has come or whether you should stay in your current role? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself to find out whether it’s time to look for a new job.

1. Are you happy at work? Of course happiness isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s worth biting the bullet and sticking with a position because there are great prospects to move up. However, job satisfaction is an important motivator. Do you get on with your colleagues? Do you feel valued? If you find yourself dreading getting out of bed in the morning and starting the countdown to the weekend on Monday morning, it may be time to look for something new.

2. Do you have too much/too little to do? Sometimes the problem is the lack of a work-life balance. So much time is spent at work or stressing about work at home that no time is left to have a social life. On the other hand, sometimes the problem is not having enough responsibility at work. Desperately finding something to fill your hours at the office can be just as exhausting. If you have a good relationship with your management, you can ask for help/more responsibilities – but if those pleas go nowhere, it may be best to find a new opportunity.

3. Are you able to progress in your career? Are you learning from your line manager/director? Are you encouraged to get training through or with help of your company? If you don’t feel like you’re moving forward, you won’t be able to get a promotion. You may have better prospects in a different company.

4. Do you get paid enough? Check salary surveys, talk to your colleagues and have a browse of job openings in your field to find out whether you’re making enough money. If you feel you deserve a raise, make sure you ask for a reasonable amount and be clear in your approach. Should your request get declined, it might just be the right time to see if you couldn’t make more somewhere else.

Being comfortable in a company is not a bad thing. If you’re happy with your job and feel you’re progressing your career, stay where you are. However, if you feel overworked, underpaid, stuck or unhappy, a fresh start at a new company may be just what you need.

Are you currently looking for a job? We’d love to hear from you! Our Digital Gurus cover jobs within Creative & UX/IA, Tech, Project Management, Client Services, Information Technology, IT Security, Mobile, Media Planning/Buying, AdTech, Advertising Sales, Social Media, Search, Marketing and more! Not all of our jobs are on our website, so send us your CV or give us a call to discuss what jobs we might have for you!

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