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5 Easy Ways To Stay Motivated In January

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The January Blues can strike even the most positive of professionals. So how can you combat the Christmas Comedown and avoid getting derailed by 31 of the year’s most difficult days?

Here are five easy ways you can stay motivated in January:

1. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill in January will help you set a proactive tone for the rest of your year, especially if you usually just about ‘survive’ the first couple of months.

There might be a skill you’re curious about that isn’t related to your current profession, but learning it could end up guiding your next career move!

2. Develop a routine

Developing and sticking to a new routine in January is an easy way to boost your productivity and stay motivated.

The more you grow accustomed to tackling everyday tasks like checking emails or networking online for a specific duration at a certain time – the easier they’ll become.

3. Set specific goals

Define what you want to achieve in January and the rest of the year. This will give you some real motivation to take action and make things happen.

Your enthusiasm will receive a quick boost as you start working towards some objectives – because who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of smashing a target?

Try using the S.M.A.R.T method for goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.)

4. Update your CV

A new year could lead to fresh challenges and opportunities – but don’t forget to look back and remember what you achieved last year.

Even if you’re aren’t looking for a new job, updating your CV, portfolio and LinkedIn profile are great ways to take stock and increase your motivation in January.

You might even be surprised at the number of new skills and experience you gained!

5. Make plans and meet new people

Booking holidays and making social plans are popular methods for staying motivated in our personal lives, so why not give them a try in a professional capacity and sign up for a few industry events?

Meetups and workshops like Digital North, The Code Bass, Digital Bytes, Digital MENA and Interactive Minds will connect you with new people who could help you have a successful year – they’re also good fun!

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