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Get heard above the noise – 3 foolproof ways to increase your organic reach

When it comes to choosing digital marketing over more traditional methods – the key is reach. Digital marketing has the power to reach millions of people as more and more of the world becomes connected. The Royal Foundation has just pledged £2 million to build a digital mental health scheme which has the capacity to reach many more people than an on-the-ground mental health service.

But the problem with going digital is, it’s an incredibly crowded space. Getting your content to actually reach millions of people is incredibly hard if you don’t pay for it. So how do you make sure that your content gets the organic reach it deserves?

Build an engaged community

First thing’s first, you need to build a community of people that will engage with you. The engagement is crucial here – having a bunch of people following you just to get your numbers up will only mean that your reach will decrease. Have a look at all the people who have liked and commented on your posts and invite them to like your page if they haven’t already. That way you’ll build up a pool of people who are likely to engage with you and increase your organic reach.

Don’t make your content time sensitive

You want your posts to have the longest lifespan possible, so making them time sensitive and date specific can hurt your content, since people will stop engaging with it which will, in turn, decrease its reach. Keep track of any posts that have done very well and been engaged with over 12 hours later than when they were posted. Then approach that piece of content from a new angle and post it at a different time making sure it’s shown to some fresh new sets of eyes.

Use organic post targeting

Some platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn will let you target your posts to specific audiences in your follower base. This means that you can post the same content from various angles that will appeal to your different follower demographics. Ensuring that your followers only see posts that are relevant to them will keep them engaged, giving your content more reach.

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