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How can you start including video in your marketing strategy right now

2016 was the year that showed us the exponential growth of video as a digital marketing tool. Beyond making it possible to communicate a product or brand in an efficient and direct way, video is, without a doubt, the most powerful medium in creating engagement with your audiences. It’s visually attractive, adaptable to different platforms, and easily shareable.

Not wanting to bombard you with each and every statistic that proves my point (you can see those here), I truly feel that video is, in itself a revolution within digital marketing, and should be heavily integrated in your strategy, and if it isn’t, you’re already late to the party. But fear not, we have some tips for you to start creating amazing videos right now.

  • If you a have a lot of time and a little budget:

    Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are the most commonly used softwares for video creation. You can start small with short animations but, if you get the feel for it, the sky is not even the limit – at least not on the screen! You can learn the basics with thousands of free tutorials available online. The monthly subscription for Adobe costs around £60 per user, but it’s worth every penny.

  • If you have a lot of time and NO budget:

    If you can’t afford the cost of professional video software, there are some pretty decent free editing apps that come along with your computer: Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for Mac are great examples. These applications only let you do some basic editing but if you get creative they can be really useful. Get your team together for an acting afternoon, use your phone as a camera and let the director in you take the lead. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look on Youtube for tutorials and ideas and if you still struggle with getting real footage or your team doesn’t cooperate, there are a lot of free stock footage websites you can use.

  • If you have a little time and lot of money (not that much really):

    With a fair budget you can invest in a rather magical trinity when it comes to start creating video: camera, software and training. Get yourself a beginner/intermediate DSLR camera (we use a Canon D70), buy an Adobe membership and enroll in a couple of professional courses to skill you up in videography and editing. They say money can’t buy happiness, I disagree.

  • If you have NO time and and a BIG budget:

    Outsource. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to create everything in house. Maybe you have higher production ideas, or simply don’t have the time. In this case, my advice would be to give your project to a video production company who will take care of all technicalities. But make sure that you have an integrated video strategy and that you are able to afford this in the long run.

  • If you have NO time and a little budget:

    You can also ‘half’ outsource your video needs using an
    online platform. This is a good way to start and you’ll be given easy templates to work with and have a video ready within minutes. Because you’re not creating your videos from scratch it can hinder your creativity, but it will be quicker.

  • If you have NO time and NO budget:

    Maybe it’s time to find a new job? We have a lot of opportunities here.

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