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The Modern Day Digital Recruiter

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Digital Gurus have become one of the best and most recognised Digital Specialist Recruitment Consultancies within the market! We have managed to carve out a really unique, innovative culture, filled with passionate experts, great clients and an atmosphere that also allows us have a lot of fun!

The issue I have found as a manager is finding the right kind of recruiter – specifically for my specialist area (Digital Advertising & Adtech), which is growing at an exponential rate! The Modern Day Recruiter I look for has to become a brand in their own right, be intuitive, commercial, passionate and a social savvy data geek! In fact, in many ways I look to hire people similar to the digital advertising candidates I recruit for my clients within the Adtech space, who are in their own right a new breed of sales person!

There are a few key skills that you need to have as a Modern Day Recruiter:

1. Entrepreneurial

In this ever changing digital advertising landscape, new start-ups and technologies are constantly popping up all over the place. A modern recruiter needs to be entrepreneurial enough to wade through the mist of advertising abbreviations and decipher where the trends and growth areas are within the market. You need to be innovative and curious enough to think outside the box and look into what new tools and platforms you can utilise to be ahead of the recruiting curve!

2. Passion

There have been times for every recruiter when things didn’t go their way; interviews get cancelled, deals fall through, etc. So passion for the job and your market is a must to be able to deal with the highs and the lows!

3. Intuitive matchmaker

It’s all about truly understanding people and their psychology. You have to instinctively know when there is synergy between a candidate and a client and be able to prise out the inner depths of a person’s motivations and skills.

4. Data driven

Numbers are becoming key in a recruiters daily life. You will have to understand the data and tools available to search for the best talent in the market and use new technology to find those hidden gems across the internet! Just as data is an integral part of the advertising market, it helps a recruiter make clever and quick decisions. Plus, it’ll give you the ability to have smart conversations about talent pools and trends that can help your clients. Trust me, analytics and bar graphs will soon become your best friend!

5. Social savvy

Job boards have been flogging a dead horse for the past few years now when it comes to working in a specialised digital area! The new wave of social media platforms have overtaken in the candidate search. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are where you need to know your Boolean string. The internet has created the opportunity to find anyone and anything you need, so understanding what’s available to you and how to wave through multiple platforms is key in finding the best talent!

6. Consultative sales person

With the tough task of managing relationships between multiple parties on a life changing decision that a career move can be, you must have the consultative people sales ability and acumen to create a win for both your client and candidate. Making the process as easy as possible for all involved is what will get you the results you want!

7. Storyteller and brand ambassador

A good recruiter will build and create their own brand as a specialist through their reputation, online profile, marketing and networking efforts. Your aim is to become the go-to person within your respective area of specialism, which, in turn, will create opportunities! If you can’t promote yourself then you have to question how you will be able to promote the clients and candidates that you represent!

8. Specialist

Once you have identified your perfect candidates online, the only thing left is to engage with them. Easier said than done! You must learn the art of personalised digital conversation and become an expert in online expertise seduction. Being able to discuss relevant content and market information about a potential candidate’s sector is invaluable to get them to engage with you in the first place. Online, you will be ignored if you have nothing fresh to offer a very savvy digital candidate with many options on the table!

9. Honesty & transparency

Honesty is the best policy! The modern day recruiter needs to leave behind the shark reputation and instead must be filled with integrity towards both parties. Offering transparency to the whole process and essentially being a trusted advisor is important in a market that’s as incestuous as the Adtech market! Everyone knows everyone and a bad reputation will spread like wild fire.

10. Networking

Your network of connections is your biggest asset and the more you are trusted by the people in your market, the better. You should constantly be looking to build your network and invest time in those you are connected with, which in many ways will lead to having great relationships with many of your contacts. This relationship means you can help each other out through recommendations, referrals, and general advice over and above simply placing a specific candidate. Also, with the competition from other recruiters, candidates have the monopoly of who they want to work with so becoming an active and trusted advisor will become increasingly important!

If you feel you have all of these skills and want to be part of a progressive digital recruitment business with huge ambitions, a great brand name, and offices in London, Sydney and Dubai, then don’t be shy and get in touch!

This blog post was written by Gillian Kane

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