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What Recruiters Want to See on Your LinkedIn Profile

The importance of LinkedIn as a social network for professionals, especially those working in digital and tech, is undeniable. Having a top notch LinkedIn profile can help you attract not only new clients and new customers but also new employers.

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet their candidates, so what is that recruiters want to see on your profile? Here’s what our Gurus look for when they’re searching:

1. A Picture

While LinkedIn is a professional network, it’s also a social network. Having a profile picture that’s professional, approachable and friendly will encourage conversation and engagement with you and your posts. Once other users can put a face to the name, they’re far more likely to engage with you. If you’re not sure what makes an appropriate LinkedIn profile picture, have a look at pictures of employees of the kind of companies you’d like to work for.

2.  Keywords

Having a complete profile will not only help you gain credibility from recruiters when they check out your LinkedIn profile, but it will also enable you to be found by recruiters for job opportunities you might otherwise miss out on.

So what makes a profile complete? Add a summary and add any visual examples you have to the relevant positions. LinkedIn will let you know where your profile could be more complete so simply go along with their suggestions.

3. Numbers

The small talent pool within digital and tech has led to recruiters spending more time headhunting for high performers. In order to stand out in those searches, you want to have as many achievements on your profile as possible. Add tangible numbers and statistics of your accomplishments where possible, include any awards you may have won, and of course having endorsements and recommendations from colleagues/clients don’t hurt either!

4. Recommendations

In the age of online recommendations and user feedback, there’s a lot of value in having a third-party shout about something. Instead of simply stating how great you are at what you do, ask a few key people if they could write you a recommendation on LinkedIn. There’s no need to be shy and you can even specify which skills in particular you’d love to be showcased – as this will also make it easier for the person writing the recommendation.

5. A Network

LinkedIn is a social network and it’s difficult to be social by yourself. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more you’ll be able to build up a reputation as someone knowledgeable with a good network. While it’s not necessary to connect with thousands of people, you should aim to have a minimum of 50-100 connections. This will show that you’re a social person, both on and offline, and you understand new technology. So connect with your colleagues and clients, current and present, and find those people you met at networking events over the years.

6. Personality

LinkedIn is a place to not only be social but to be yourself too. Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for your field, your industry, and/or your job. This doesn’t need to be reduced to your LinkedIn summary – publish advice/opinion posts, join relevant groups and get involved in conversations, share articles and news as status updates, follow industry leaders and companies you’re interested in. The more you get involved, the more you’ll start being seen as an expert and industry leader.

In sum, whether you are actively using LinkedIn to find a new job or you just want to use LinkedIn to get ahead in your career, following the above advice may just be what gets the attention of the right person at the right time!

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