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We’re #1 Most Socially Engaged on LinkedIn

This morning, LinkedIn announced the top 25 most socially engaged staffing firms globally. They analysed 60,000 businesses, 627,000 consultants and 450 million members on LinkedIn over the past year and at about 9:30 this morning, we had a call from LinkedIn to tell us personally that Digital Gurus are the #1 most socially engaged medium enterprise in the EMEA region. Given our size and the businesses we were up against, we are bouncing off the walls!

What does this actually mean?

To come up with the rankings, LinkedIn looked at a range of metrics such as social reach, employee engagement & interactions, employer brand & content marketing power. Consistency across all of these metrics was a key factor in us hitting the #1 spot, as well as:

Investing in our Gurus’ professional brands

We are redefining what professionalism really means – our focus is on being human. We ask that our Gurus be exactly who they are in their interactions on LinkedIn, but making sure that certain boxes are being ticked.

Engaging with our LinkedIn followers

As a company, we approach LinkedIn like a telephone, not a loudspeaker. This is not a space for us to tell you what we want you to think of us – this is a space for us all to talk to each other. Engagement is essentially conversation – and we try to have as many conversations as we possibly can.

Creating relevant content

You’ll never see content for the sake of content on our LinkedIn page. Everything has a purpose and we always aim to educate, entertain and inspire. Our Gurus are fully tapped into the content being created – making sure their markets are getting their burning questions answered.

A massive well done to all of our Gurus and marketing team. Time to celebrate!

For a full list of winners, you can click here.

Have a look around:

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